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I’ve been a listener for at lest 8 years . I’ve watched podcasts come and go , get big, then disappear. These two knuckle heads have not changed since day one . Tim wants you to believe he’s just a wrestling fan ( he is much more then that, his knowledge on both side of the microphone is amazing). Dave is a super natural guru, add a little skepticism ( he never talks down to a guest) . Mix the two and you have a podcast that you wish was 5 hours long every day . Absolutely my favorite show. Mike Breedlove Costa Mesa , CA
P.s I a huge fan of the show . Tim and even wrestling.
But…. Tim… I know you know plenty of guest hosts, that are not pro wrestling.
Call me . I’ll be a guest host ! Just not stories of clowns 🤡 🥰
I say this tongue in cheek , but let’s go easy on the square circle folks .
I have you as in my top 3 radio / podcasts peeps . Be well , and as always, you are always in my prayers that not harm comes your way. Mb

Jan. 5, 2022 by MikeBreedlove on Apple Podcasts

Darkness Radio