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Feb. 9, 2018

S13 Ep30: The Lost Samoan Pyramid

S13 Ep30: The Lost Samoan Pyramid

BEYOND the DARKNESS goes in search of The Lost Samoan Pyramid with our guide, Maya Lynch. A forgotten pyramid. An ancient curse. A real-life archaeological adventure.

Since the 1800s rumours have circulated about an ancient pyramid, built on an immense scale, hidden deep in the jungles of Samoa. Evidence perhaps of a great forgotten Pacific Empire. And yet there is no mention of the pyramid in the entire pantheon of Samoan myth. Samoan society is steeped in tradition but the local legends are silent on the subject of the pyramid. When one woman digging into the archives discovers an outlier in the dataset of Pacific history, it is the catalyst for an adventure that takes us on a treasure hunt deep into the jungles of Samoa.

PLUS a Frightening New Theater of the Mind

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