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Season 12

Sept. 15, 2018

S12 Ep114: Supernatural News/Parashare: Episode 180

BEYOND the DARKNESS is back to report Supernatural News from around the world and share YOUR Paranormal phone calls and emails! plus, while Dave is away this week, Tim has recruited the one and only, Tim Weisberg to fill in! …

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Dec. 29, 2017

S12 Ep241: Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, and the Night Stalker

In today's encore presentation of Beyond the Darkness, the Indiana Jones of Cryptozoology, JC Johnson, joins us to regale us with tales of the four corners and the monsters that reside in them!

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Dec. 28, 2017

S12 Ep240: The Terrifying Truth of Abductees and Black Eyed Kids

On today's encore episode of Beyond The Darkness we visit with UFOlogy expert Dr. David M. Jacobs on the topics of alien abductions, abductees, mutilations, implants, and more! and by the end of the program, you will see a sk...

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Dec. 27, 2017

S12 Ep239: The Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

In 2006, The Amazing Randi was offering one million dollars to anyone who could prove to him (and a group of scientists) through scientific tests that the paranormal exists. Paranormal Investigator Lou Gentile appeared to st...

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Dec. 26, 2017

S12 Ep238: The Reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe

Today's encore presentation of Beyond The Darkness feature Dr. Adrian Finklestein M.D., former university professor of psychiatry at UCLA. he found a subject in Sherrie Lee Laird who claimed to be the reincarnation of Marily...

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Dec. 25, 2017

S12 Ep237: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 145

We kick off a week of Encore Presentations with looking back at the original Margarita Monday/Cinco De Nine-O! Another week has passed and Dave & Tim discuss the high level of strangeness from new Scientific breakthroughs to...

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Dec. 22, 2017

S12 Ep236: Animals and the Other Side

BEYOND the DARKNESS warms your heart with tales of Animals & The Other Side with Christopher Fleming. Do our pets return to us in spirit form? Can they reincarnate and return to us a different form of pet or species? …

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Dec. 21, 2017

S12 Ep235: How To Hunt A Devil

In This Throwback Thursday episode of Beyond The Darkness from December 17, 2006, we visit with Demonologist Adam Blai who talks about his experiences in fighting evil on the other side. In the second half of the program, we ...

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Dec. 20, 2017

S12 Ep234: Strange Encounters Of The Big Muddy Monster

Today BEYOND the DARKNESS gets down & dirty with Strange Encounters of The Big Muddy Monster with investigator Chad Lewis. For over 100 years people have been encountering something strange near the Big Muddy River. Described...

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Dec. 19, 2017

S12 Ep233: Shake The Devil When He Misbehaves

Today we Shake the Devil When He Misbehaves on BEYOND the DARKNESS with guest Bill Bean. Bill Bean has led a life filled with violent and frightening paranormal experiences and has turned his life from misery and fear to stre...

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Dec. 18, 2017

S12 Ep232: Parashare/Supernatural News: Episode 144

Another week has passed and Dave & Tim discuss the high level of strangeness from new Scientific breakthroughs to chilling encounters with supernatural and outlandish reports from around the world, PLUS more of your personal ...

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Dec. 15, 2017

S12 Ep231: Holiday Spirits, Witches, Elves and a Legion of Ghosts

BEYOND the DARKNESS is in the Holiday Spirit...with Holiday Spirits, Witches, Elves and a Legion of Ghosts and guest Linda Raedisch. Not so very long ago, Yuletide was as much a chilling season of ghosts & witches as it was …

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Dec. 14, 2017

S12 Ep230: BONUS Parashare

It is an all NEW BONUS edition of Parashare today on BEYOND the DARKNESS with David Schrader & Tim Dennis! Strange Tales of Ghostly Visitations, Monster Encounters and Things that Go Bump in the Night from our listeners acros...

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Dec. 13, 2017

S12 Ep229: Inside The Paranormal

Why are we so interested in strange phenomena? Ghosts, UFOs, Cryptids. What is going on & why are we all so intrigued by the supernatural? Dr. Brian D. Parsons weighs in on his research, his experiences and discusses the flaw...

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Dec. 12, 2017

S12 Ep228: Alien Intrusion

Millions of people have seen UFOs and many even recall personal encounters with strange entities. The popular view is that these are advanced aliens visiting us from far away, but a compelling new documentary takes a deeper l...

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Dec. 11, 2017

S12 Ep227: Para-Share/Supernatural News: Episode 143

We change it up and bring you some Parashare in Hour 1 with some stories from America's Most Haunted Hotel plus your real encounters THEN Tim reports on NASA's Big Reveal, North Korea & a possible forthcoming Anal Probing for...

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Dec. 8, 2017

S12 Ep226: Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Enco…

Sue Pighini knows what it is like to have been struck by lightning; when it happened to her at age 28, her clothes melted. She also knows what it is like to survive cancer, a brain aneurysm and to be …

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Dec. 7, 2017

S12 Ep225: Krampus & The Sadistic Servants of Santa

Krampus, Le Père Fouettard, Black Peter & The Belsnickel are not the enemies of Santa...they are his wicked enforcers. Don't believe us? Jolly ol' Jeff Belanger joins us to share these freaky facts of Christmas Past! ournewen...

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Dec. 6, 2017

S12 Ep224: Monsters of the Midway: Chicago's Flying Humanoids Creatur…

Researcher, investigator Lon Strickler joins us today to talk about the historic sightings of Flying Humanoid Creatures over Chicagoland in 2017. OVER 50 SIGHTINGS SO FAR! Mothman? Demons? Bat-men? What are they & where are t...

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Dec. 5, 2017

S12 Ep223: Princeton, LSD & CIA Mind Control

BEYOND the DARKNESS goes headlong into Princeton, LSD & CIA Mind Control with Paul Davids. Two well-known Princeton alumni at last reveal the true inside story of how they got caught up in and nearly done in by the CIA's …

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Dec. 4, 2017

S12 Ep222: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 142

Supernatural News & Parashare Monday on the BEST in Paranormal Talk Radio -BEYOND the DARKNESS! BIGFOOT IN NEBRASKA! Ghostly sightings in vacation photos! Socery & More this week plus Listener email paranormal encounters.. GE...

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Dec. 1, 2017

S12 Ep221: Dreams and the Dead

BEYOND the DARKNESS deconstructs Dreams & The Dead with Joshua Black. Paranormal Dreams, Visitations, Precognition and Night Terrors examined PLUS a Brand New Theater of the Mind! GET ALL YOUR COOL SWAG HER...

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Nov. 30, 2017

S12 Ep220: Demented Tales of Terror

Its a day full of Demented Tales of Terror with the one and only Dark Waters! Dark Waters runs through BEYOND the DARKNESS with new encounters with Children Ghosts, Dogmen, Creepy Clowns, Old Hags and More. www.IamDarkWaters....

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Nov. 29, 2017

S12 Ep219: Paranormal Perspective from Native American Culture

What is it that protects Native American Burial Grounds? What is the perspective on Star People and Cryptids? We discuss these topics and more with our special guest today, Ronnie "Firehawk" Headley, plus hear some of his dir...

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Nov. 28, 2017

S12 Ep218: Strange Tales of the Restless Spirit of Rudolph Valentino,…

Today on BEYOND the DARKNESS Strange Tales of the Restless Spirit of Rudolph Valentino, Dogmen, Possession & Witchcraft with Kevin Scott Collier Get his book here: Visit his site: kev...

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Nov. 27, 2017

S12 Ep217: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 141

It's Time for Supernatural News & Parashare! The world is coming unglued! Elon Musk warns of A.I. Attacks, Creepy Ghost Selfies, Stalking UFOs & Evidence of a 4,000 year old grisly Werewolf Cult & More!

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Nov. 22, 2017

S12 Ep216: Doing What With Who

Beyond The Darkness catches up with a guest that everyone has been asking us about, Joe Who!! Joe tells us what has been going on with him and some of it, is downright shocking! Plus, we announce the winners of …

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Nov. 21, 2017

S12 Ep215: Seeing Ghosts

This is a real life story that reads like a work of fiction only it is not. Mary Brazil has lived & survived it. From ghosts shuffling along the walls to a demon in her attic. There is a world …

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Nov. 20, 2017

S12 Ep214: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 140

Its a day of Supernatural News on BEYOND the DARKNESS! Headless Ghosts, Dear David the demented child spirit, Nessie Sighting and a Sex Romp with Sasquatch! We have to all for you today! Pop on in and share some laughs, …

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Nov. 17, 2017

S12 Ep213: The Man Who Could Fly: The Mystery of Levitation

St. Joseph became famous for frequent levitations, which were observed on hundreds of occasions and by thousands of witnesses, including many skeptics. PLUS a New Theater of the Mind! Get the...

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Nov. 16, 2017

S12 Ep212: The Science of Spirit Possession & Earthbound Spirits

A fascinating conversation unfolds that reveals a revolutionary new therapy that can help people being haunted, people that others may have cast to the side in quick judgement as insane or crazy. Dr. Terence Palmer is showing...

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Nov. 15, 2017

S12 Ep211: Madness in the Halls: Twisted Tales of Haunted Asylums & P…

Eric Vernor takes on a dark journey through the haunted hallways and operating rooms, cells and institutions where madness still seems to roam the corridors. & use code Darkness30 at c...

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Nov. 14, 2017

S12 Ep210: True Scares and Real Life Nightmares

Author and lifetime paranormal experiencer Cindy Parmiter spins us into a realm of Ghosts, Poltergeists, Nightmare Encounters, Animal Spirits and Little Alice the Creepy Talking Doll + more! Get Cindy's books here: https://ww...

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Nov. 13, 2017

S12 Ep209: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 139

Supernatural News & ParaShare with guest host Brett Butler joining Dave filling in for Tim. An Alien boy from Mars, Haunted College Dorms, Bathroom Banging Ghosts & some laughs!

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Nov. 10, 2017

S12 Ep208: Happy Days and Paranormal Nights

Actor, director, singer Anson Williams joins us with fun stories from the set of Happy Days, his Psychic Mom and Life Saving information that all of us in the paranormal world need to hear.

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Nov. 9, 2017

S12 Ep207: The Black Swan Ghost

What happens when you come into contact with a phenomenon so controversial it can destroy your career? Black Swan Ghosts is an investigation into how our society treats witnesses to unexplained events, unidentified aerial obj...

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Nov. 8, 2017

S12 Ep206: Encounter with Hell: A Terrifying Clash with a Demonic Ent…

Alexis McQuillan never believed in demons until she came face to face with pure evil. She shares her true story with a terrifying entity so powerful it turned her life upside down and put her in mortal danger. GET HER …

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Nov. 7, 2017

S12 Ep205: Mandela Effect Meltdown

BEYOND the DARKNESS has a mental meltdown with the Mandela Effect and guest Laurie MacDonald. What is the Mandela Effect? Tonight we reexamine some of the strangest claims, stories and situations regarding this bizarre phenom...

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Nov. 6, 2017

S12 Ep204: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 138

Another week has passed and Dave & Tim discuss the high level of strangeness from new Scientific breakthroughs to chilling encounters with supernatural and outlandish reports from around the world, PLUS more of your personal ...

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Nov. 3, 2017

S12 Ep203: Ancient Aliens in the Bible

Is there truly proof of Alien encounters and interventions throughout the Bible? Our guest says Yes and walks us through his theories and explorations thru ancient manuscripts.

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Nov. 2, 2017

S12 Ep202: A Pagan Against The Paranormal

Travis Thorpe is a 3rd degree Triskellion Wiccan Priest, High Priest of the Temple of Adrastos, A Paranormal Investigator, A former infantryman in the US Army, a former police officer, and a behavior detection instructor. Tr...

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Nov. 1, 2017

S12 Ep201: The Rise of the Dark Zone & Hybrids: An Alien Experiment

The Dark Zone has arrived and Executive Producer and co-creator Jay Bluemke joins us to discuss this amazing new resource for all things paranormal and exclusive supernatural content including programming involving Dave. Then...

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Oct. 31, 2017

S12 Ep200: The Devil & the Werewolf: a Killer Love Story

It is our special HALLOWEEN edition of BEYOND the DARKNESS: True Crime Tuesday Revisited. Calgary Herald Journalist Sherri Zickefoose joins us to detail the bizarre murder perpetrated by a 12 year old girl , (at the time Cana...

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Oct. 30, 2017

S12 Ep199: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 137

Another week has passed and Dave & Tim discuss the high level of strangeness from new Scientific breakthroughs to chilling encounters with supernatural and outlandish reports from around the world, PLUS more of your personal ...

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Oct. 27, 2017

S12 Ep198: The Paranormal Files: Teen Spirit

Colin Browen is the host and lead investigator of Teen Spirit a new series made available thru Verizon Wireless/Complex News. Today Colin shares his experiences growing up in a terrifyingly active haunted house, his investiga...

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Oct. 26, 2017

S12 Ep197: Mark Twain's Fascination With The Occult, Ghosts, and Para…

Mark Twain is one of the world's most beloved authors and humorists, but what a lot of people do not know is the cloud of darkness that filled his life and drove his passion in the paranormal. Twain had deadly …

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Oct. 25, 2017

S12 Ep196: UFO Encounter in the Desert

The UFO landing at Socorro has been wrapped in controversy almost from the moment that police officer Lonnie Zamora watched a craft descend and land. Zamora saw alien beings near the craft and a symbol on its side but was …

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Oct. 24, 2017

S12 Ep195: Possession or Insanity: Did the Devil Make Him Do It?

Mark David Chapman is a name that will be forever etched in the minds of the world because of his cold blooded assassination of John Lennon. Today we revisit the case with an insight into the man before he was …

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Oct. 23, 2017

S12 Ep194: Supernatural News/Para-Share: Episode 136

Another week has passed and Dave & Tim discuss the high level of strangeness from new Scientific breakthroughs to chilling encounters with supernatural and outlandish reports from around the world, PLUS more of your personal ...

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Oct. 20, 2017

S12 Ep193: On the Trail of New Orleans Vampires

New Orleans has a reputation as a home for creatures of the night. In the early days of Louisianas colonization, rumors swirled about the fate of the Casket Girls, a group of mysterious maidens traveling to the New World from...

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