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March 15, 2018

S13 Ep50: The Day Satan Called (TBT Edition)

S13 Ep50: The Day Satan Called  (TBT Edition)

BEYOND the DARKNESS remembers, THE DAY SATAN CALLED! with guest Bill Scott. A terrifying tale of #Possession and #Exorcism.

A loving couple invite a troubled young woman into their home, a warm, safe sanctuary...until they realize, she is possessed.

That is when they began hearing voices. threats, objects falling and moving & strange visitors and callers.

And yes the voice of Satan. Every day was filled with the dread of nightfall. Once you've invited someone filled with demons that aren't leaving her into your home what do you next? Where do you send her? How do you protect yourself and your family? What do you do after she's finally gone but the demons haven't left?

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