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March 9, 2019

S14 Ep19: Journey Into The Mind Of Evil

S14 Ep19: Journey Into The Mind Of Evil

BEYOND the Darkness celebrates it's 100th episode of True Crime Tuesday by airing some of it's best episodes for you this weekend!!

On Saturday's episode...

True Crime Tuesday takes a Journey Into The Mind Of Evil with The Shawcross Letters and guest John Paul Fay.

What happens when one of the most evil men in the history of America meets a man he trusts to share his darkest secrets with? How does it affect someone already on the edge of society when he is taken under the wing of a serial killer? Partly told through the letters of Arthur Shawcross, THE SHAWCROSS LETTERS is the tale of one of America's most notorious serial killers and his relationship with his would-be biographer, John Paul Fay.

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PLUS: Dumb Crimes and Stupid Criminals!!

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