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Aug. 11, 2019

S14 Ep66: Eerie Companions: A History of Haunted Dolls with David Weatherly

S14 Ep66: Eerie Companions: A History of Haunted Dolls with David Weatherly

BEYOND the DARKNESS is playing with Eerie Companions as we examine A History of Haunted Dolls with David Weatherly.

Dolls. The very word conjures a range of thoughts and emotions, from comfort and happiness to terror. Most often, dolls are thought of as companions for little girls, but why are they considered prime targets for dark forces? And why are so many of them believed to be haunted? As part of human culture for thousands of years, dolls have been used in magic, ritual, healing…even attempted murder. Today we step inside a mystery and discover the fascinating history of haunted dolls.

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