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Dec. 17, 2020

S15 Ep109: Strange Skies: UFOs w/Ryan Sprague

S15 Ep109: Strange Skies: UFOs w/Ryan Sprague

Darkness Radio turns our gaze to Strange Skies: UFOs with guest Ryan Sprague.

Ryan Sprague revisits the show to introduces brand new stories of those who have seen extraordinary things in our skies and how these incredible events have changed them. While reports of UFOs and close encounters are littered with dates, times, and descriptions, they rarely focus on the people who’ve had the experience. Could both the positive and negative implications, whether subtle or revelatory, further our knowledge of what these phenomena represent? 

Ryan is host of Somewhere in the Skies podcast every Monday, and co-host the television series, 'Mysteries Decoded' on the CW Network for their UFO episodes.  

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