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May 10, 2020

S15 Ep39: The Human Hybridization Program with Geraldine Orozco

S15 Ep39: The Human Hybridization Program with Geraldine Orozco

Darkness Radio contemplates the Human Hybridization Program with guest Geraldine Orozco

Today Dave & Tim sit down to dig into the Human Hybridization Program.
Abductions. Reproduction experiments. Memories of seeing children off-planet. The idea of humans participating in an alien hybrid program sounds absurd until you talk to people who have experienced it. On October 14, 2013 Geraldine experienced a vivid abduction from her home, this is her story!

There are many aspects to the Hybridization Program, some experiencers may encounter higher vibrational experiences, while others can experience trauma. Terrestrial experiences such as in Military Abductions (MilAb) are often lead by factions of the Government, with or without ET involvement. Other programs include Extraterrestrial/inter-dimensional experiences conducted in a controlled environment by means of technology such as aboard craft or interdimensionally. Our guest, Geraldine Orozco believes all cases are just as valid and require support, understanding, and compassion.

Visit her site here:

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