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June 13, 2020

S15 Ep48: Supernatural News/ParaShare: Punched By A Ghost Edition

S15 Ep48: Supernatural News/ParaShare: Punched By A Ghost Edition

Darkness Radio Supernatural News / ParaShare Punched by a Ghost Edition!

Dave & Tim explore the supernatural this week with the help of special guests Aaron Sagers and Gabe Roth as we discuss celebrity ghost encounters & UFO sightings, AI Robotic Insects Swarms are coming and there is NOTHING Tim can do about it, Demon Dolls, Spooky Schools and YOUR personal encounters today!

To submit your strange paranormal evidence to Gabe Roth for an upcoming program email the evidence, yours story and your contact info to

Check out Aaron Sagers article on Ace Frehley here:

Visit Aaron Sagers here:

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