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Oct. 22, 2020

S15 Ep86: Death Walker with Nick Groff

S15 Ep86: Death Walker with Nick Groff

Darkness Radio becomes a Death Walker with guest Nick Groff

This Halloween, the all-new highly anticipated series, Death Walker, drops exclusively on VIDI SPACE hosted by world renowned paranormal researcher, Nick Groff (of Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Adventures and Ghosts of Shepherdstown). The show focuses on Nick’s solo journey into understanding different reasons why various locations are haunted. In its unique format, two locations are compared each episode highlighting different paranormal theories where he delves into the concept of time, the impact of crime events, realizing not everything is a ghost and expanding the definition of paranormal phenomena. 

Today Dave & Tim visit with their old friend to discuss his new project and his passion for the paranormal and how it has affected his life, in good and bad ways.

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