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Nov. 6, 2020

S15 Ep92: Holzer's Ghosts - Tell Me No Lies Edition

S15 Ep92: Holzer's Ghosts - Tell Me No Lies Edition

Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts - Tell Me No Lies Edition

Dave is joined by his Holzer Files castmate, Cindy Kaza to discuss the new episode of The Holzer Files, Tell Me No Lies. The team visits The Merchant's House in NY a site that intrigued Dr. Holzer when he visited as he knew there was something off about the tale he was being told. Dave, Cindy & Shane return to uncover that mystery and give voice to the forgotten spirits of manor. 

Dave & Cindy also answer questions from the audience.  These special episodes will air after each episode of The Holzer Files on Travel Channel. You can join in at Dave's FaceBook page to be part of the LIVE after party every Thursday night or tune in the next day as a special bonus episode of Darkness Radio.

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Next week Death to Tyrants as the team comes face to face with the spirits of The Surrat Tavern, the notorious location John Wilkes Booth visited after assassinating President Lincoln. Did the right people pay for the crime? Who remains behind to tell us their tale? Tune in next Thursday on Travel Channel to find out.