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Nov. 20, 2020

S15 Ep98: Holzer's Ghosts - The Final Word Edition

S15 Ep98: Holzer's Ghosts - The Final Word Edition

Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts - The Final Word Edition

Tonight Dave is joined by 3 special guests, Alexandra Holzer, Karen A. Dahlman & Shane Pittman, to discuss tonight's episode of The Holzer Files, Final Word, which involved the haunting of Franklin Castle in Cleveland, OH.

A powerful episode with stunning supernatural evidence. The team visits the site of one of Dr. Holzer's most challenging cases, where equipment failed him on every visit and his access eventually was denied.We discuss some of the radical experiments used in tonight's episode to make communication with the spirits still time locked within its walls from a controversial OUIJA board session, Spirit Art and deep immersion into darkness experiments to incorporating Dave's 13 yr old daughter into the investigation to help bridge the chasm to the ghost of a young girl still wandering the halls of Franklin Castle.

In light of the touching story and premature death of Emma featured in tonight's episode and the personal impact of Type 1 Diabetes in the lives of Dave and Alexandra's children, Please consider donating to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help put an end to Type 1 Diabetes.

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