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Nov. 25, 2021

S16 Ep138: Visions & The D'jinn w/ Scotty Roberts

S16 Ep138: Visions & The D'jinn w/ Scotty Roberts

Darkness Radio presents Visions & The D'jinn with Scotty Roberts

In 2013 our guest Scotty Roberts had a powerful set of experiences that changed his perspective on life, the afterlife and our earthly connections. But this was no simple experience, it was multi-layered and covered years and best of all...he captured a picture to cement this experience into his new paradigm. 

SCOTTY ROBERTS has been an illustrator, designer, photographer and word-smithy in the advertising and publishing industry for the last forty years. He studied theology and history, working toward his Masters degree in theological seminary. He served as Editor-in-Chief for TAPS ParaMag, The Ghost Hunters’ official rag, on the heels of which he founded and published Intrepid Magazine which led to Intrepid Radio and the Paradigm Symposiums. He's been a paranormalist for a little over two decades.

Scotty has several books published through New Page Books (now part of Red Wheel Weiser/Hampton Roads), including The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim, The Secret History of the Reptilians, The Exodus Reality and The Rollicking Adventures of Tam O'Hare.

You can find anything you want to know about Scotty at his website: and also at