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Dec. 8, 2021

S16 Ep142: TCT: Killer Queens w/ Alan R. Warren

S16 Ep142: TCT: Killer Queens w/ Alan R. Warren

True Crime Tuesday presents Killer Queens with guest Alan R. Warren

Killer Queens are cases based on true stories exploring the world of murder in the gay community, whether the victims or the killers themselves and sometimes both, are homosexual.

First up we discuss, "The Crime of the Century" in 1920s United States. At the center of this murder case were Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb – two wealthy University of Chicago students who, in May of 1924, kidnapped and murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks.

Unlike Leopold and Loeb murder case, where the dominance shifted from one to the other, The Butcher of Hanover; Fritz Haarmann was the dominant partner in the next case. He carried out each of the murders and dismemberment of the bodies himself, even though he claimed that Grans chose who was to be murdered in court.

What drove these men to kill? Does absolute power truly corrupt absolutely? It appears so, these stories are wild.

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Leopold & Loeb: The Killing of Bobby Franks -

Butcher of Hanover: Fritz Haarmann -