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March 25, 2021

S16 Ep34: Spirits of Kilimanjaro w/Jeff Belanger

S16 Ep34: Spirits of Kilimanjaro w/Jeff Belanger

Darkness Radio presents Spirits of Kilimanjaro with guest Jeff Belanger.

Dave & Tim are joined by fan favorite guest, Jeff Belanger to discuss his spiritual journey and supernatural and synchronicities associated with a life changing decision he made to honor his late brother-in-law.

After his brother-in-law Chris passed away, author Jeff Belanger made the commitment to take the trip of a lifetime, both in honor of Chris and in pursuit of clarity about his own life and goals.

In this revealing look we find that the true enlightenment of life is found when facing death and our own mortality. Each journey begins with it's first steps, take that first step with us today. Will you heed The Call of Kilimanjaro: Finding Hope Above the Clouds?

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