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July 29, 2021

S16 Ep84: The Possession w/Michael Gagliardi

S16 Ep84: The Possession w/Michael Gagliardi

Darkness Radio presents The Possession with survivor Michael Gagliardi

Dave & Tim confront a terrifying and true account of the diabolical. After 40 years of groping in the darkness to understand this true life story, Michael is finally ready to not only tell it , but be active in speaking out to whomever suffers from the similar horrors of childhood so that they too can life on, find answers and overcome these mental wrecking balls and have a normal life.

This is his true story of the possession of a woman, his mother and the frantic attempt of a 7 year old boy to survive the daily onslaught of insane and devilish behavior for 12 years.

It was a horrific life filled with insane babel and self-afflicting violence coupled with constant arguing of many voices-all day every day and through the night. The evening would create panic with the screaming, thumping, banging and night movements that were absolutely shocking.

This is Michael Anthony Gagliardi, a 53 year old, and his eyewitness account of his tragic life. His book Devil Take the Hindmost will be released in mid-August here:

Visit Dave this August at the Michigan Paracon: