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Aug. 3, 2021

S16 Ep86: TCT: Raging On w/ Det. Paula May

S16 Ep86: TCT:  Raging On w/ Det. Paula May

True Crime Tuesday presents Raging On with Det. Paula May 

"There was no brown in his eyes at all. They were just two black buttons. I looked in his eyes. All I saw was solid black against the whites. It wasn’t natural. It was… creepy, unnerving, demonic." - Detective Paula May This is the horrific story of L.C. Underwood, a man who arrogantly evaded justice for his heinous crimes until Detective Paula May and her investigative team uncovered who he really was. Because of their efforts, he was convicted for First Degree Kidnapping and Murder of Viktor Gunnarsson, Kay’s new boyfriend. But was Underwood also responsible for the brutal murder of Catherine Miller that occurred mere days after Gunnarsson’s demise?

Sentenced to life in prison plus forty years, Underwood has no intention of staying in prison and vows not to stop until he exacts revenge on those he blames for his current predicament. His thirst for revenge will not be quenched until more blood is shed. Underwood rages on, plotting his next move, enlisting others to perform the evil deeds he imagines. Wreaking havoc in the lives of Kay, Jason, Detective May, and others, he sends them all on an emotional roller coaster ride that never seems to end. 

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