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April 19, 2022

S17 Ep46: TCT: The End Of Her w/ Wayne Hoffman

S17 Ep46: TCT: The End Of Her w/ Wayne Hoffman

True Crime Tuesday presents The End of Her: Racing Against Alzheimer's to Solve aa Murder with Author Wayne Hoffman!

Sometimes, family lore and legend can be a little TOO hard to believe.  For all of Wayne Hoffman's life he was told a story about the murder of his great-grandmother that was too good to be true. It turned out not to be just a family legend, but a crime that made headlines all over Canada in 1913, but Sarah Feinstein's killer was never found. 

So, when Wayne was challenged by his mom and aunt to tell the real story, he never imagined he would be hit by another tragedy, the decline of his once vibrant mother from Alzheimer's Disease. As Wayne watches his mom slip away, he is discovering more extended family... and more secrets... 

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