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Jan. 24, 2023

S18 Ep10: Deconstructing The Mind A Murderer Case w/ Alan R. Warren

S18 Ep10: Deconstructing The Mind A Murderer Case w/ Alan R. Warren

True Crime Tuesday presents Deconstructing The Mind A Murderer Case w/ Alan R. Warren!

Voices of True Crime: Volume 2 covers the Teresa Halbach murder case, made famous from Netflix’s Making a Murderer documentary series that began airing in December 2015. The House of Mystery Radio Show interviewed several of the key players involved in the case: Ken Kratz, the prosecutor of both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, and Michael Griesbach, District Attorney for Manitowoc Country who, after Steven Avery was wrongfully convicted in his first trial brought the misconduct of the law enforcement to the state’s attorney. For the defense, they spoke with Laura Nirider from the Innocence Project, an expert in false convictions. They also interviewed Shawn Rech, a filmmaker that set out to correct the record on this murder case and expose the inaccuracies in the Making a Murderer series by creating his own docuseries coming early 2023 titled Convicted.
They also examine one of the major theories surrounding this murder case brought on by retired Detective John A. Cameron. Cameron wrote a book that is the center of a five-part A&E series suggesting that the crime was committed by someone who had nothing to do with any of the players involved in Making a Murderer. He asserts serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards committed the crime On today's show, Alan R. Warren reviews the case and some of the interviews of these people from the book, along with some of the  damning actions of the documentary filmmakers and overwhelming evidence that shows a different outcome than what you saw presented on Netflix!

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