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Aug. 24, 2022

Welcome To A New Age in Darkness Radio!

Welcome To A New Age in Darkness Radio!

So, I am sure you are looking at the site and saying... HUH?! Well, let me assure you, it is legit!  This is Tim, and I am setting up a new site that will give the Darkness Radio Nation a new spot to interact with the show and a fresh space to access archives, leave messages for parashare, send us messages, we can post videos, put up event notifications, and just klet you know what Tim, Bruiser, Mallie, and Jessica are all up to!

Just a quick note too! with this new iteration of the show, we are going to tell stories from all different angles and perspectives on both True Crime Tuesday and Darkness Radio.  Open your mind, don't close it! I have never programmed a show to offend anyone. I have programmed a show because I want to find out someone's perspective on a topic. There is a saying that I love and live by, "when we stop learning, we start dying", We all have something to learn from each other.  Remember, if there is one topic or guest that doesn't do it for you, there is another in the next episode! We are going to do our best to entertain you! And, we can never say it enough, we APPRECIATE you for taking your hard earned free time to listen to us apply our talents to our craft.  You'll never truly know how much that means to us. Know that you are valued! 

Are you ready for a fun ride? Let's do the damn thang! 


Timmy D.