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Ziggy’s Picks

As you know, there are many psychic animals out there picking the FIFA World Cup results! We figured if their animals were psychic, well, Our own Ziggy Starpup has got to have the gift as well! So, Bruiser and Mrs. Bruiser sat Ziggy down in front of this week’s NFL Picks, and here is what she picked! 

Ziggys picks - Super Bowl LVII

Ziggys picks

Eagles over Chiefs



Bruiser's picks

Chiefs over Eagles


Timmy’s Picks

Eagles over Chiefs

Watch Ziggy pick Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles!






DISCLAIMER: Ziggy’s Picks are for entertainment purposes only! Darkness Radio is not responsible for any outcome should you use her picks, however, if you do well… puppy treats for a tip are appreciated

Ziggy’s week 14 record - 7-5

Ziggy’s Week 15 record - 8-8

Ziggy’s Week 16 record - 9-7

Ziggy’s Week 17 record - 9-6 

Ziggy's Week 18 record - 9-7

Ziggy’s Wildcard Weekend  5-1

Ziggy’s Divisional Weekend  2-2

Ziggy’s Championship Weekend 2-0


Ziggy’s pick percentage - 82.6%