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April 11, 2020

S15 Ep29: Ethel Allen's Date with the Devil and Supernatural News

S15 Ep29: Ethel Allen's Date with the Devil and Supernatural News

Darkness Radio is an eyewitness to Ethel Allen's Date with the Devil with guest Gail Sheldon PLUS Supernatural News

Dave Schrader speaks with his guest Gail Sheldon about the brutal murder of Ethel Allen, whose mutilated and burned body was found on the bank of the Indian River on November 21, 1934. This murder has continued to fascinate in part due to the violence involved in the crime and partly because no one was ever arrested for it. That such a sensational crime occurred at all in sleepy Brevard County at that early of a date also adds to the shock factor. However, some 78 years later local authors Gail Sheldon and Gloria Falco set out to try and solve this very cold case and have put together their findings using unconventional paranormal research and investigative methods to shed some light on this long dead case. PLUS TIM HAS A FEW SUPERNATURAL NEWS STORIES!

See the Skinwalker video here:
There is a weird moment at 3 hour 7 min and 20 second mark

See the Alien/Venom video:

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