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April 21, 2022

S17 Ep48: The Ghost Marriage w/Kirsten Mickelwait

S17 Ep48: The Ghost Marriage w/Kirsten Mickelwait

Darkness Radio presents The Ghost Marriage with Author, Kirsten Mickelwait!

At 31, Kirsten met her husband, Steve, a handsome and successful attorney. Life starts out good with him, dare say close to the American Dream, but things start to crumble slowly first and home, then with Steve's business.  Then, eventually, with Steve himself. 

It is only after a bitter divorce that devastates Kirsten into the millions of dollars, that Steve spirals completely out of control, leading to his untimely demise... but that is just the beginning of our story... 

 Tune in today to find out how two people destroyed on one side, repair things, from the Other Side... 

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