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Jan. 10, 2023

S18 Ep4: Hidden Demons: Evil Visits A Small NE Town w/ Margery B. Metzger

S18 Ep4: Hidden Demons: Evil Visits A Small NE Town w/ Margery B. Metzger

True Crime Tuesday presents Hidden Demons: Evil Visits A Small NE Town with Author, Margery B. Metzger!

On January 7, 1994, residents of Berkshire Hills woke up to a typical snowy winter day in the majestic woods of Western Massachusetts. The quaint New England towns, the idyllic scenery and the people who lived there could have stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

That day, a trial began for college student, Wayne Lo, who celebrated his 18th birthday by purchasing an assault rifle and opening fire on campus—killing two and wounding four others.

Elsewhere, two young girls were accosted in the changing room at the local pool.

Another young girl narrowly escaped being abducted at gunpoint on her way to school. Her quick thinking later resulted in profound repercussions regarding another case—that of a young boy who vanished from a strip mall.

All these events appeared unrelated, and it seemed to police agencies and local residents that the world had suddenly gone mad. After all, they told each other, “These things don’t happen here!”

In chilling, dramatic narrative HIDDEN DEMONS: Evil Visits a Small New England Town, Margery B. Metzger details these events and reveals a savage serial killer, Lewis Lent, Jr., who lurked in the shadows. It was the bravery of a father and daughter, and the remarkable work of law enforcement officers, that would turn the table. Margery joins TCT today to fill us in on the entire story!

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