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May 2, 2023

S18 Ep52: Self Defense Or Murder: The Exoneration Of Kent McGowen

S18 Ep52: Self Defense Or Murder: The Exoneration Of Kent McGowen

True Crime Tuesday presents: Self Defense Or Murder: The Exoneration Of Kent McGowen with former Police Officer/Ex-Convict Kent McGowen

In August of 1992, Kent McGowen had a CI that he ad given money to, to purchase a weapon as part of a larger operation to shut down a gang that was running weapons just outside of Houston, Texas.  When the buy went down, a set of strange circumstances brought him in the sights of Susan White, a middle aged housewife, who was far from your average suburbanite. She showed up at the scene of the gun buy, because her son was arrested, along with the CI. Susan was far from being in any condition to be dealing with the situation, as it is reported that she was under the influence of substances, slurring her words, and eventually threatened Kent before it was all over.

Fast Forward to the night in question, a warrant is issued for Susan White's residence. and Kent is told to go out there with only a few men.  They knock for quite some time while Susan calls 911 (apparently while intoxicated and claiming she has a past with Kent) and claims she needs help and protection from the police at her door.  After getting permission from his superiors, Kent's squad breaks down the door. After seeing Susan run into her bedroom, Kent follows, only to enter and see Susan pull a gun on him. he tells her to drop the gun repeatedly to no avail. With that, Kent fires three shots. The shooting is initially ruled a good shot. What comes afterwards was a complete nightmare!

Kent joins TCT to get out his side of the story after 30 years of a negative narrative has haunted him, and to talk about the corruption that kept him behind bars for 20 years, plus tells us what we can do to help!

Help Kent find a Lawyer and get back on his feet..


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