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Awesome show!!!!

Just want to say thank you guys!!!

The Darkness Continues!

I'm a fan of Dave and Tim and Darkness Radio. I'm happy to see that the quality paranormal programming continues with Beyond the Darkness. I love that they can go more in-depth with their guests and their topics. I'm happy they've found this new platform to continue their work.

Always entertaining

These guys are amazing I found them through the Jericho network and have been binge listening ever since!!!

Great episodes!

Outstanding program!!

Long time listener

This is one of the greatest paranormal shows out there, i've listened since the beginning and feel like I know Dave and Tim personally. Solid production, solid sound, funny and very entertaining. I can't tell you how sad i am that the main show ended, but I'll listen to Dave and Tim and even Mallie if she comes back so long as I have my hearing!

Now it went 5 days a week

As a fan of the paranormal I love hearing the stories that the guests have. I have really enjoyed it. I never had a chance to listen to the radio show, but this podcast helped with it. What I enjoy is when Tim or a guest reads a story with the sound effects. That brings back memories of putting on a vinyl record and playing spooky stories.

Best Paranormal show on the web!

I've Followed coast to coast for years and after hearing that Dave was filling in, I soon tracked down his show to listen to more often than any other show!!

Five stars

Let's keep it simple. Best hour with the best hosts.

A Refreshing Listen

I've listened to Dave and Tim for years now and i'm glad to see they've found a new home. The show format is a refreshing change from some of the smaller amateur podcasts. You will not find another show which packs so much character and information. Please do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast. You won't regret it.

Long time listener

Love these guys true crime one of my favorites or supernatural in news

Best paranormal show in the world!

Im a listener from Miami, FL. I have been listening for years to Darkness radio and I'm planning to keep listening to Dave and Tim wherever the go. Congratulations to the network with this great acquisition of the best paranormal show in the world!. Good luck guys!