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Dialogue too fast?

Love you guys sm! Just wondering if Im the only one noticing the dialogue seems excellerated. Normal tempo would be better. One fans opinion! Happy New Year!

Love the show m.

I look forward to darkness radio every week. I wish you amazing people were on every day!

Here’s one i look forward to every week👍. welcome back Tim,so glad you’re okay man🙏

5 stars because these guys are from Minnesota and may like Biden:)

Ep. 131

I laughed out loud! Dave’s accent 😄

Love y’all!

I love y’all’s podcast and all of the info you talk about. Dave , I love your sense of humor and you crack me up all through out the podcast. You are also very handsome! You are doing an awesome job and look forward to listening to future podcasts. Heather S.

Dude jason mclean

AWSOMEEE JOB man it was mind blowing, loved it man loved it!! Thank you for having him on and letting me get to listen!! Truly awsome stuff, also recommend the “demons” episode!!!!

Ah. That Midwestern Humor.

“As I write this, I have tears, streaming tears, running down my face after crying and dying laughing at your stories and your love of Sasquatch meat. My lungs are cleared after laughing so intensely that the after party of my bronchitis was exorcised from my respiratory system. I think there might have been a demon in there. Seriously, had this episode aired earlier, I could have saved myself some money on that magical cough syrup. Or maybe, I had to let the light in? I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I appreciate Tim and your rhetorical tapestry. I should create a tic toc channel and special effects to illustrate my experience tonight, but I am middle aged and I’ll leave those shenanigans up to the kids. Thank you both so much laughs and the Sasquatch sandwich endorsements.

Tucker Carlson

Dave and Tim really enjoy the podcast. I really enjoy the humor you bring to the show. I personally don’t mind anyone you mention in your podcast. After all your bringing great information to your show. Continue the Great Work.

Best paranormal show anywhere

Dave and Tim are absolutely the best in the game. This show is fun and interesting and I look forward to every new episode. I’ve been listening to them since they were on the radio station in Minnesota and their show was hosted as more of a rerun than a podcast on I Heart Radio. Hope this keeps going for many more years to come.

Best Paranormal Show

I have been listening to Darkness Radio since 2007. I love the paranormal and spend a lot of time listening to paranormal podcasts. I can honestly say that although there are other good shows out there none are as good at covering all aspects of the paranormal. Dave and Tim have the greatest sense of humor, but treat all guests and subjects with the utmost respect. I am fpr ever a Darkness Radio fan.

5 year listener

I have been an avid listener for 5 years now, and I still love every minute. I get so excited when I hear the theme music start! Dave Schrader is an incredible interviewer. I have enjoyed hearing his perspective and I love the way he shares personal details about his life; he seems like such a warm, caring guy, with a sense of humor. The guests are eclectic and fascinating, and the topics are all the weird stuff that have been of interest to me for my whole life. It’s comforting to listen to others who share the same fascination, and I feel connected to the guests, the hosts and the other listeners. This podcast feels like home!

Best Podcast Ever!!!

Dave and Tim have been doing Darkness Radio for 11 years and they've now entered the podcast realm. They are fantastic hosts and they know how to interview the guests while captivating the audience.Each topic is different, informative and leaves you wanting more. This show is terrific!!!


My absolute favorite paranormal show!!! 15 + seasons should tell you everything you need to know. Tim and Dave are hilarious and down right good guys. Check the show out, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Best Paranormal Podcast!

Very factual, and very fun.

Dave Schrader is a 5 star man.

So is Tim Dennis. Both of them, five star men. How dare anyone rate Darkness Radio any less. SHAME 🔔

Amazing and fun

This is such a fun show to listen to! Dave and Tim produce so much content, with a wide variety of topics. You will not get bored listening!


Always interesting, always fun, and always informative. Much love!

Dave Schrader and Tim Davis are my kind of people

I’m a fan of most things paranormal and ufo related topics due to personal experiences. So to listen to people of similar experiences helps me to wrap my brain around mine.

Binge worthy

I love Dave and Tim’s podcast! This is absolutely my number one favorite paranormal podcast. Dave is absolutely hysterically funny to listen to. I wait all week to listen to these guys. They always pick great guest and topics on the paranormal. Binge worthy as I mentioned I frequently go back and listen to previous episodes that’s how good the show is! Love these two guys so much and the content they put out ❤️❤️❤️

Truly mind opening

I love anything supernatural/ paranormal/ seemingly unexplainable. This podcast covers such a diverse range of topics with amazing guests, diverse perspectives, and unique questions. Truly mind opening and insightful. I love listening in, keeping me on my toes and really exploring new ideas while enjoying the hosts style and humor. They bring fourth honest and real life stories while exploring to find answers … and something more questions to be asked.


Dave and Tim do an amazing job of mixing the serious and not so serious sides of the paranormal realm together to create a show that never disappoints. Thank you for the chills, thrills, and laughs, your show is one of the favorite parts of my day.

Absolutely love!

I absolutely love Dave and the Holzer Files. I just listened to one of the stories about the girl eating a whole edible cookie and she thought she heard cows mooing and Dave did a voice saying it was a horse messing with her and I was laugh crying cause it was just the funniest thing to me. I hope they continue doing what they do cause I enjoy listening to them while I work and I just laugh to myself like an idiot!!

The best

The best paranormal podcast available! Love this show!

My favorite podcast.

I love this show. I have a huge interest of the paranormal. I have done a couple investigations myself. I used tips and tricks Dave has gave on the show.

The greatest

Absolutely my favorite podcast. Been listening from the beginning back in my ghost hunting days when it was actually a radio show. I feel like Dave and Tim are my brothers even though I’ve never met them.

Darkness radio

This podcast is one that I listen to as much as I can. Dave and Tim make listening a delight. The light hearted comedy, with the mysteries of the paranormal mixed with good conversations between both hosts and their guests make for a awesome show.

Scary stuff

I love this podcast! I binge listen to past episodes several times. The host has a great voice, making it a pleasant experience.


I binge listen everyday day! These two are amazing! Not only do I learn but they have have have so much fun and so much love with what they do! I constantly look like a crazy woman laughing out in public with my ear buds in! ❤️

Good show

Oh my gosh great show on Thursday. That guy was almost believable. Sandsqauches and intergalactic dunken donuts Good one guys I loved it

Show don’t send them to heaven

When you played the additional audio that said “get out” “ don’t send them to heaven” sure sounded like two different voice, although you guys say it sounds like the same voice. I love watching holzier files and hope you guys keep going.