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Holzer’s Ghosts Season

I really enjoy this podcast but the audio this season is horrendous. I miss a lot of the conversations because it’s just inaudible.


I look forward to Wednesday & Thursday podcast. You always have interesting & a little scary stories. I enjoy the stories that everyday people share with us! I am also listening to the older podcast that Tim is putting on. Thanks Tim!

The best

Best podcast ever.


I have been listening starting at episode 1 while working at home during COVID season. This show is amazing, and I listen to maybe 6 or 7 episodes a day. Loved it. FIrst Skinwalker Ranch episode terrified me. I am hooked in the best way possible.

Dave and Tim

Love your podcast. I was listening to one of the podcasts and Tim stated that he lets the entity in the house watch Viking games. The entity was more than likely told that the Vikings would not win a super bowl in his lifetime. He now can not rest until they do. Talk about eternity!!!

Best podcast ever!

Listening to Dave and Tim is like having your closest friends over to chit chat and chew the fat. You guys are the best!

Often imitated, never duplicated, still the best !!!!

Do yourself a favor and put some time aside and spend some time with Tim and Dave . You will become a fan and you get the fun of the past episodes to catch-up on. Look forward to spending time with Darkness Radio every week !

Been a fan since 2011!

By far one of my all time favorite supernatural podcasts, and just podcast in general. Good stories, fine humor, there is never a dull moment. This podcast is a very excellent resource of information for anyone interested in the paranormal. Dave and Tim = match made in heaven. I especially loved the time Mally was interning! Sorry if I spelled her name wrong!

A must for fans of the paranormal

I have been listening for years now Dave and Tim are like drinking buds at this point. Top quality podcast and it feels like you are hanging with friends.. Highly recommend listening!!!

The Best!

Listen to a lot of paranormal podcasts and these guys continue to be my favorite! Great interviews and stories. Love the mix of discussion and listener stories. Absolutely love the humor. Again, my favorite!

Love this podcast!

Love these guys, and love this show!

Love the podcast

Your podcasts are so interesting I love listening to it while I’m doing hw. Love your YouTube videos too! My insta is kxcey.xo hook it up with the free shirt 😭


Hey Brennen Taylor, I love your videos on YouTube and podcast! I also subscribed and followed you on Instagram! I hope you make more Restaurant Review videos and other creative content. Love you!

Darkness Radio

Great podcast, you guys never disappoint.

This is a phenomenal show (do do da do)

Love the chemistry between Dave and Tim. They make u feel like a friend listening to their interesting stories that are a great mix of info and laughter. Keep olio the great work!

Love this

The only podcast I listen to lol LOVE YOU BRENNEN 💓💓😘 my ig is @vanessamsosaa hook me up with that shirt 🤪

Best podcast

I’m not typically a podcast person but I’m obsessed with this one and have gotten my friends to love it as well! @tailahm

5 star!!! 💙💙

my name is Josephine, i’m a female. 23! i don’t have social media but i saw your youtube video and i really love the shirt! my address is : 24 grove street new london connecticut 06320! i hope i get lucky!!! thanks! #fan!

Love Sus

I don’t normally listen to podcast but I’ve been enjoying yours a lot! I love your video and your podcasts are just as great!! @_akaluh_

5 STARS!!!

Amazing podcasts!! Love all the scary storys told on this, especially the one with Brennen Taylor!! @Poser.nate.69 on insta!

Love it

Love you videos and this is my fav right now I am a big fan of scary stories an stuff like that. @ssalazar.villa355


Love your podcast.

Sublet good

Listen with my friends when camping and durring school

Dave is a national treasure...Tim’s ok too!

I am a huge paranormal pod fan and have been listening to these guys forever. The show as always is well produced, interesting and funny at times. Thanks for churning out the quality guys!

Best Ever

Brennen Taylor literally has blown me away with this podcast. Follow me on TikTok @kalliegirl4ya

Pure entertainment!

I Iove this podcast and listen every week. Dave and Tim are a wealth of knowledge and also make me laugh. Also the topics are always interesting.

Smart and Entertaining!

This is a professional podcast worth listening to. Its well created and narrated and have enjoyed each interview they’ve conducted regardless of the person’s credentials or lack there of. They remain professional, and uncritical which is refreshing in today’s “controversy means better ratings”. Thanks Dave and Tim

Smart and often funny interviews

I always listen to Tim and Dave while at work in my studio. They ask intelligent questions and they almost never belittle a guest, even if they might deserve it. The paranormal is a tough subject to have constant quality quests on, and they find them. When a guest is nuts, they gracefully and kindly excuse them and then it’s fun to hear the laughing!

Beyond The Darkness

Beyond The Darkness is such a great podcast for anyone who has any interest in the paranormal. Dave and Tim are such great hosts. They have interesting guests and some of the craziest stories from around the world.

Favorite podcast

I love Dave and Tim. Interesting and entertaining. Thanks guys!